"A Productive Ocean" Laboratory begins on 31 May

The seventh and final Ocean Decade Laboratory "A Productive Ocean" starts on 31 May and will focus on the economic and societal impact the ocean has on all of us and how we can use it and prosper from it in a responsible and sustainable way.

This 7th Ocean Decade Laboratory completes the series of Laboratories that have virtually brought together thousands of participants from around the world since the summer of 2021. Scientists, industry and NGO representatives, politicians, artists, students and civil servants interested in the future of the ocean have used these Laboratories to learn, network and present ideas for the UN Ocean Decade.

From 31 May to 2 June, "A Productive Ocean" will focus on the riches the ocean holds for all of us and how to use these sustainably. Of course, the fishing industry is one major beneficiary, but the energy, tourism and logistics industries also benefit economically from the ocean.

"The ocean is the source of life for so many people on this earth. That is why it is so important that we work on using it in a sustainable and responsible manner," says Reinhold Hanel, Head of the Thünen-Institute of Fisheries Ecology in Bremerhaven, Germany. Hanel will host the Laboratory together with Anna Jöborn, CEO of the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research.

The four-hour Core Event begins on 31 May at 3 pm CEST. Discussions will address the need to cooperate and how productivity and sustainability can go hand in hand. There will also be room for questions and answers from the online audience. Participation in the Laboratory is open to anyone, following a simple registration process on the event website. If you already participated in one of our previous Labs, you can log in here using your registration details from the previous event.

The Core Event will be followed by two days of Satellite Activities held all around the world. These are also accessible online and include topics such as "Harvesting a Productive Ocean", "Ghana’s Small Scale Fisheries Sector" and "Challenges for a Sustainable Blue Amazon".

On 2 June at 3 pm CEST, a Wrap-up-session will summarize and conclude the three days of the 7th Ocean Decade Laboratory.

"We are still in the early days of the Ocean Decade. It is therefore important that we share our knowledge in order to develop suitable strategies for a productive and sustainable ocean," says Reinhold Hanel.

Click here to register for the core event. You can find the program and an overview of all Satellite Activities here.